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Peavey Windsor 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

Again keep in mind this is after one day of use. Also, I'm not one to have the "honey moon" thing going on here. I own or have owned the following amps: Marshall Plexi reissue, JCM 800, JCM 900, 2553 Silver Jubilee, 6100 LE Brass chassis 30th anniveraery model, JMP-1 preamp and 9200 monoblock power amp. Also Laney, Peavey, Soldano, Valvetech, Carvin, Mesa and Fender tube amps. I've also spent some time with a Peavey 5150 and XXX amp. I'm running this thru a Marshall 1960A cab with G1275's. So, your big question is probably, "Does it sound like a Marshall?" Well, I would say that it sounds closer to a Marshall than many non Marshall amps but, no it doesn't sound exactly like a Marshall. It does have a british flavor, like maybe it's a distant relative, but not a pure blood. It has a bit of 5150 and XXX vibe to the gain structure but tamed alot more. The mid control is very narrow and nowhere near as wide as a Marshall. The bass control can get a little muddy sounding. Treble and presence controls seem to be a little harsh and not as glassy as a Marshall. Putting a BBE sonic Maximizer in the loop gives it a lot more punch and clarity. I would highly suggest it. It even cleans up the flabbiness of the resonance as well. Distortion wise, it's plenty enough for any metal head. If not, then you're not using your picking hand good enough. Go practice some more!


General Comments

Been playing anything from blues to death metal for about 20 years. I love that the amp is so cheap! I'd like to see Peavey put this amp out as a 50 watter and minus the resonance and texture controls? What would that cost? The FX loop doesn't handle really hot signals like a preamp at +4DB very well. It's probably designed for lower level pedals and FX and more suited for -10DB levels. I plugged my JMP-1 into the FX return and tried the Windsor out just as a power amp. The JMP-1 sounded much much better than the onboard preamp and way more Marshally, go figue?. Anyhow, for $399 it's a steal. If nothing else it makes for a really nice and cheap 100 watt EL34 power amp.

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