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Sound Quality

As stated before, I owned the 2101 when it first came out and thought it was great but not perfect. I was able to do some really cool channel switching with it. I Did the "quit playing thing for a few years" then got back into it. My second time around I went the all tube head route, Marshall(some of the best ones), Laney, Peavey, etc. I also used a Marshall JMP-1 and even had a short stint with a ADA MP-1(crap!). Out of curiosity I picked up one of these 2112's too see how it matched up. Well, it didn't come even close! Either the 2101 sounds much better(from my memory) than the 2112 or my ears have changed over the years. The 2112 to me has the most sterile lifeless sound for a tube preamp that I have ever heard. If you like boatloads of uninspiring fx and a weak distortion tone than you may like this thing. To be fair a few of the clean tones were usable. BTW, I thought this model was much harder to use and less editable than the original 2101. The "dual path" thing is a joke. I am more of a tube purist but I would rather play thru one of those cheap modeling bean shaped things then this 2112.


This preamp reigns winner as the piece of gear that I owned for the shortest period of time.

General Comments

The worst thing about this compared to the original 2101 is that you can't really even use it as an fx processor and bypass the crappy preamp. Spend your hard earned cash elsewhere this is not worth it at any price.

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