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yamaha MO6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer Workstation with DAW Control

Sound Quality

I guess when it comes to workstations you can't have it all. That's definitely the MO6's mo. Some are good to ok. The drum sounds are pretty nice but string sounds....keep searching. The fx? You better have sound great outboard gear or go for a Triton the fx on the MO6 are lame and cheesy.


General Comments

Overall after owning both the MO6 and Korg TR 61, The Korg wins. If Yamaha wants to get in the game they need to bring a board out with all of the QY700 features and update it with a sampler, more ram memory, a better storage system, and make it sound like a Triton with their FX, and they would reign king. As a matter of fact they shouldn't make a board but just a table top unit like the QY700 so you can add your own real keybed.

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