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Sennheiser E609 Silver Dynamic Guitar Microphone

Sound Quality


General Comments

This mic was designed for micing guitar cabs. I bet when they designed it they were micing a Marshall tube amp. This is the only mic I have used that can reproduce what my ears hear from my Marshall cab. I listen back to recordings and say to myself, "now that's it, exactly what I hear live". I can NOT say that about an sm57 or any of my other mics including expensive condensers. If you play thru a Marshall tube amp and want your sound to sound just like it does live-GET THIS MIC!!! I do have to boost the bottom end very slightly and cut just a wee bit of the mids but.....perfection! To give a little more reference my Marshall is a DSL 100 with KT77's and celestion GT1275's. So, if you have something different then you may get different results. It does the distorted tones and clean tones equally well. For years I have tried to find a mic that can do this and now I have it! Thanks, Sennheiser!

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