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General Comments

I agree with the previous reviewer. This mic has a better "snare" sound pickup then an sm57. I recently was trying to record a Mapex snare and could not get any decent snare sound from the sm57. I put the following mics on the snare -Shure sm57, Cad Tsm411, EV cobalt C04, Sennheiser E609, and an EV/Blue Raven. The Tsm411 won the battle. The EV cobalt was a very close second. Don't get me wrong, the TSM 411 is not an sm57 killer, it was just better in that situation with that snare drum. BTW, I am not a big sm57 fan, I find there are many mics that can out do the old workhorse. If you find yourself trying to record a snare drum that just doesn't have that snare sound then this mic may be a good choice to try. I have tried this on toms with some ok results. I also tried it on a guitar cab and didn't like it at all on the distorted tones but for clean tones it was actually pretty good. I own a bunch of Cad mics and always find at least one situation that they work great on.

Reviewer's Background

10yrs, Adat hardisk, Alesis Monitors.

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