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Sound Quality


General Comments

I'll keep these mics. I own a bunch of Cad mics. These are some of the cheapest but definitely a good bang for the buck.

Reviewer's Background

Over 20yrs experience as a guitarist/bass player/keyboardist/drummer. At least 10 yrs recording demos. Recording to Adat hard disk recorders. Monitoring thru Alesis monitor ones. These probably will not be found in a pro studio in La but for us basement hacks these are some really good cheap mics. I have only used mainly as over heads and I find they work much better than some of the other(MXL, Nady) cheap pencil condensers. Another really good way I used these mics were to do a quick band rehearsal recording. I put them about 7 feet in the air and about 6 feet away from the drums and they captured the whole band very well and surprisingly captured alot of the bottom end too. Do that with some sm57's and you'll be disappointed.

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