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Sound Quality

Well this pup did the trick by making the treble more smooth and with more clarity, BUT it totally lost all my dynamics and bottom end that I had with the stock V8. The pick attack sensitivity of this pup is horrible. When I say that, I mean when I play soft or play hard I expect the pickup to respond to that. The Evolution is just always full throttle and does not respond to dynamic playing. I would rather keep the V8 than this one. I may try an Air Zone and if that don't do the trick then I'll just stick with the V8. This is a good pup for lead playing but just doesn't cut it for that dynamic rhythm playing.


General Comments

Well if I was rich and could afford an RG to have around just for lead playing for recording then I would keep this in one of my RG's, BUT I'm not rich and need something more versatile.

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