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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

The JMP-1 sounds like or very very close to just about any Marshall tone out there. Bottom line, if there is a Marshall tone in your head you will find it on the JMP-1. Well, if you know how to tweak those knobs just right. If you use this preamp with only the original 4 button footswitch, you are greatly missing out. This preamp switches via midi. You could for example, set 99 different variations of just OD1 if you were so inclined to do so. Think of it as a 99 channel amp with 4 different voicings. I have owned a Plexi, JCM 800, 900, 6100 LE, Jubilee, valvestate, 9200, DSL 100,etc. If I could only take just one it would be the JMP-1 with a Marshall power amp or head to use as a power amp.


General Comments

The one thing Marshall should have added to this monster was a contour knob like they have on the old valvestate amps.

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