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Sound Quality

When I read the reviews on this pup the thing that comes to mind is, "are most of these reviewers tone death?" I have had 5 Ibanez guitars with this pup. All but one sounded very good. That one was an RG470. It did sound muddy and too bassy with that guitar. Thats because that was a cheap Ibanez and not a real one. The other 4 were RG 570's and a RG 1570 prestige. With the 570 and prestige models this pickup does not deserve any of those bad reviews. If you use a good amp, READ "Marshall Tube amp", the v8 is the shit. The guy who had a Mesa said it sounded muddy, well, a Mesa does sound muddy! Anybody who thinks they could put a Dimarzio evolution, tonezone, or paf pro in and be blown away are just fooling themselves. I have tried everyone of those pickups in my RG. The tonezone adds nothing but just a little more bass and treble, but then lacks the ability to clean up. The paf pro sounds similar but lacks tone and some output. The evolution sounds very similar and does add a teeny weeny bit more clarity on the high end. An improvement over the V8 would be the evolution but is that little bit worth the price? The "V" in V8 stands for "vintage" this is a vintage sounding pickup. It is not supposed to have huge amounts of gain so you can cover up your mistakes. It lets the guitar player use his hands to make a good tone and is designed to work with a real amp and player. If you play thru a rolland cube 30 and are complaining about this pickup you are missinformed, you need to play thru a real amp first then decide. That's like putting a lawn mower engine in a ferrari and complaining how it doesn't have the power I need. There is nothing worse then reading reviews here on harmony central that come from tards that don't know how to play nor know anything about guitar tone. If you have only been playing for a few years please do not leave reviews, you are stil a tard. Go practice some more!


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