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Sound Quality

I have owned a Gibson faded V with the 500T and 496R pups. These BB pros have slightly less output but much more clarity. I am using these pups through a Marshall JMP-1 pre and then into the power amp of a Marshall DSL 100 equipped with KT77 power tubes and then into a Marshall 4x12 with celestion G1275's. This guitar with these pups through my rig sound absolutely perfect with a moderate gain to high gain setting. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews for these pups. I think maybe it's just the users have inferrior amps or this pup just sounds beautful with an all mahogany guitar/Marshall rig. I've noticed that the majority of the poor reviews are from people who are using maple top guitars or maple necks and such. Keep in mind also this reviewer has KT77's in his DSL and these are soooo much better sounding than the EL34's. It gives the amp more bottom and mids and isn't as harsh on the treble side. So, I may not be hearing as much treble as some of the reviewers here. I did try the guitar out at GC on a Marshall JVM which I thought sounded very shrill and microphonic. I also ran it thru a cheap vox modeling amp and it sounded better than the JVM, which was strange because I love Marshall amps and usually hate solid sate/modeling crap. I think the JVM in the store must of had bad tubes in it?? Anyhow back to these pickups. When played clean these pups are way better than the 500T/496R set. They don't distort and quite frankly give me some of the best clean tones I have ever had. And this is a Marshall/Gibson rig! I have an Ibanez prestige also w/ stock pups and have always loved the clean/dirty tones from it. I now have a better clean tone with this Gibson and these pups. Now, my idea of clean is a Marshall clean, no fender ear bleeding clean here. My style of musical tone ranges from blues to any old school Marshall based rock and metal to full out death metal. I'm in the camp of "play it like you mean it, if you need more gain then you need to practice more".


General Comments

Overall I would say these Burstbucker pro pups are the best pups for a Gibson Vintage mahogany guitar. If you try these in another guitar they may or may not sound good, but Gibson made the perfect choice on the Les Paul Studio vintage Mahogany guitar. Hey people don't say these pups suck because it may just be your guitar and rig. If anyone used these pups with my rig and my guitar and said they suck then I would have to call 911 quickly and ask for a lunatic to be removed from the premises.

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