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Peavey Windsor 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

Have you ever heard a Marshall amp that has bite and attack? Well, sorry folks this one just doesn't come close to the real deal. Get real people, you are not going to spend $400 and have an amp that sounds just like a Marshall. I will give credit, the windsor does sound better than a Pod or other crap wannabes trying to mimic the real thing. I have owned the following Marshall amps: JCM 800, Jubilee(THE BEST), 30th Anniversary(2nd BEST), JCM 900, 1987x Plexi reissue, valvestse 8100, 9100 monoblock, JMP-1 preamp(BAD ASS), and currently just got a DSL 100(3rd BEST). I currently only own a JMP-1 and the DSL. Does the windsor match up to either of them? Absolutely NOT! The windsor does however sound more like the JCM 800, but that would be a JCM 800 with a limp and a speech impediment. The preamp section on the windsor is just plain retarded. It is very muddy and very hard to adjust so it will sound close to a JCM 800. The power amp section of the windsor is the biggest let down. I ran my JMP-1 though both the windsor and DSL, No competetion!!! The DSL power amp section kills the windsor. I do have to admit that Peavey does have an original circuit with the windsor. I don't think I could take any Marshall amp and make it sound as muddy as the windsor. Are the little chinese boys and girls that make the windsor dropping rice and soy sauce onto the circuit to give it that wonderfully muddy tone?


General Comments

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