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Sound Quality

SG-->tubescreamer-->THIS-->Sovtek 100w head/ampeg cab It's really loud with the heavy up more, and lesser when that and the saw are down. That part sucks. You're going to have to find somethng you like in here, but it won't be wuick to occur. I guess you can get Melvins crust, better with the neck pickup.


The switch is sketchy, but if it dies on you, it shouldn't be a pivotal piece of you're sound anyway. Use an adapter.

General Comments

Most people try and sell these for ~$100, so I wouldn't get another. The weird digital tracking isn't really that pleasant. You can definatly get some crazt {censored} out of this. Go ahead and push the level and heavy up, all else down, and play weird bass up high on the neck. Bending strings and weird feedback.... Pure alchemy. I just wish it blended better with the rest of the stuff I try to do with other pedals or around it when it's off, or lowering the guitar volume knob. Whatever.

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