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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I've reviewed this unit before and this is just an update. I now use a PRS Standard 24,PRS Singlecut (Duncan JB in bridge) and a Fernandes Decade Elite (PRS #7 in bridge). This unit suits many different styles. I can get just about any tone i want. Anyone that can't get a good sound out of the JMP-1 must not be spending much time with it. I run it into a Mesa Strategy 500 (6 power tubes per side) and i get one of the fattest/most cutting tones i've ever heard. I'm selling my Single Recto to a friend to buy another power amp for backup. The cleans aren't the best but the distortions are perfect for me. Using this unit for 2-3 years has been great. I'll never sell it or my power amp. The JMP-1/Strategy are perfect together. When i stop getting compliments on my tone after shows i'll post another update.


Never had any issues.

General Comments

I love it. Like i said, I'll never sell it.

Here's a song straight from the board. No mastering/mixing.

This is why i won't sell it. It sounds amazing on stage.



If you have any problems with finding settings just e-mail me.

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