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Nick Arsenault

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I'm using a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Deluxe and this pedal just amazes me at the great tone it provides. Although not a true bypass model, it doesn't affect the tone when in the 'off' position (at least to my notice). I use it with all controls at 12 o'clock and it sounds sooooo good. It blows away my Ibanez Tube Screamer !


The pedal is built like a tank, it has an easy hinged cover for accessing the battery compartment and seems to allow for a *much* longer battery lifespan.

General Comments

I play classic rock, blues, jazz and funk. The pedal is very close to sounding like the Ibanez 808, it may be *better* than the 808. It really has that warm overdriven tube voicing down pat. I've compared it to a Boss Blues Driver, Ibanez and others, but this BAD MONKEY not only sounds cool, it even looks cool !!!

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