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Sound Quality

I use tons of guitars inluding a Rogue Start rip-off, a Gibson Les Paul Standard, a Peavey Strat rip-off, and other stuff. I use a Crate GFX 20 amp or a Rogue BT-120 bass amp. Listen to L7's "Andre." The rhythm guitar in this song sounds exactly like this pedal. Probably more of a hard/heavy rock pedal. Great for grungy-type sounds. I don't know why people say this pedal is low on bass. It's the bassiest distortion I have. Good for specific types of Metal, not all types. Most people buy Metal Pedals and expect them to sound exactly like Metallica or Slayer or whatever. They don't realize that every band uses different pedals and settings. Then they get angry because the pedal doesn't sound exactly like what they want, so they write a bad review. My only complaint about this pedal is it doesn't respond to artificial (pinch) harmonics very well, but then again, most distortions don't.


I know every hates DOD, but I love them. The people who break them are usually the people who abuse them. I've seen many posts saying DOD pedals break if you stomp them like a madman. What do you expect? I broke a switch on a DOD once because I did this, but fixed it easlily. The battery cover on this thing is vulnerable to getting lost. DOD fixed this problem in later models.

General Comments

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