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Sound Quality

I use this with my Ibanez Musician MC924 Bass, and Electra LP copy, Charvel 425sp, Jackson PS3, and other guitars. I have used this pedal with a number of Amps. I subtract a little on sound quality because you can hear the modulation circuitry working under high amplification -- but I'm VERY fond of the deep, subtle chorus this box produces in stereo. To get the really smooth, deep sound, set the speed very slow, set the delay at about 1-3 oclock, and set the depth to 80-100%


I bought the pedal brand new in the 80's and it has performed flawlessly since. HOWEVER, I've had the footswitch go flakey on a couple of similar DOD models from the same era, so I try to take it easy on this one.

General Comments

I own 6 guitars, 3 amps, several rackmount processors. This is the only stompbox I didn't sell when I converted all my stuff to rackmount. I just couldn't duplicate the chorus of this little box with rackmount stuff.

I'm VERY fond of the smooth, subtle chorus this box produces in stereo. Particulary with a guitar (not bass) with PAF style pickups playing background figures with the two channels panned hard left and right. This pedal's forte is with slower, warmer sounds, and it is not suited to faster playing styles whether with distortion or without.

This is a "one trick pony" and it does it's one trick very well when set up right.

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