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Sound Quality

It is a VERY useful plug-in. I use it on EVERYTHING, and I mean that literally. With the possible exception of the Oxford plugins for Powercore, I've yet to hear an enhancer/exciter that's much better. The biggest problem with the sound is that it's a bit "plastic" (ie, artificial) sounding. The key to this plugin is to tweak it until it's "just right," then back off a touch. For some reason, "just right" is always too much when you listen with fresh ears. I also suggest waiting to apply the plugin until the mixing stage, because it has a huge impact on where tracks sit in the mix. BTW, decent speakers/headphones are a must. With bad monitoring, it's even easier to overuse, and when abused the Sonic Maximizer can make a decent recording muddy, painful, or both. Presets are worthless with this plugin, because the sound is extraordinarily sensitive to differences in source material. In essence, each recording requires its own preset.



General Comments

It's DEFINITELY worth the $100 I paid for it, and I highly recommend it. I just wish they'd add a little bit more analog flavor to the sound, even if it means using a few more CPU cycles.


Reviewer's Background

I'm a hobbyist that likes to pretend he's a mastering engineer. I'm a compulsive tinkerer, and have been for the last four years. I run Adobe Audition and WinXP on an Athlon64 3200+ w/ 1GB RAM in a DFI nForce4 mobo. Depending on the hour, I monitor through KRK V4 nearfields or Sony MDR-7506 headphones, with an EMU 1820 as the source. I play guitar, bass, and tinker with synths, but I'm best on the bass. Unfortunately, that's not saying very much. :)

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