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Sound Quality

I was looking for a good flanger sound for David Gilmour and some 80's type tones and tried several brands and this Boss model gave me a light flanger sound without that harsh metalic grading sound like a lot of brands give you. I bought one MIJ and the other is a MIT. Unless you really listen really really close you can't tell one from the other. I had the insides checked out by a pedal guru and he said one piece was all that was different and it was on the output stage. So a lot of this MIJ vs MIT is hype. Check it out for yourself. I use a '62 reissue Strat or a Les Paul sometimes a Tele Plus thru a Fender 2ch The Twin amp or a Soldano SLO head thru Boogie 2x12 EV12L loaded cabints. I use several other pedals in the chain: CE 2>EH 2>DM 2>RV 2>OD 1>OD 2>OS 2r>the BF 2>Klon Centaur into the amp. I use a simular setup for the second pedalboard. I had to set the other pedals differently around the BF 2 because of the volume gain when it is on but that is normal with all Boss pedals, you just have to work with them in a chain. 10/10 because as far as flangers go this one is light and clean.


It is a Boss so it is built like a tank as most everyone agrees on. I have two so I always have a backup. 10/10 because Boss doesn't build unreliable gear, ever!

General Comments

I play my own music mostly but do play some Pink Floyd and other classic rock stuff. I play a lot of jamband music. Like Gov't Mule, Widespread Panic Allman Bros. But I have been playing for over 30 years I guess so I have been thru everything from INXS to Led Zep and everything in between now. I love Blues and I love rock of all kinds. I really like classic rock guitarist like David Gilmour Jimmy Page those guys are masters at their style. If it were slolen I would replace it with the same model. I compaired it to about everything out there. I bought and sold over 12 flangers until I settled on this BF 2, remember I bought 2 of them. If does make my music better sounding. I found that this model is a light flanger in tone. It doesn't color your guitar sound. The harder you play the more it is in front of the sound. Using the volume and tone knob on your guitar really effects the way the pedal responds. The place it is put in the chain matters what sound you get so it took about an hour for each pedalboard to get it in the right place and the settings of each pedal to work well with each other. I record 99% of the time so hearing these pedals as true as I can make them is important to me. No use to record sloppy or unclean tones when all it takes is a little time and patience to work the tone out. If you use a lot of other pedals as I do each pedal reacts differently around other pedals so time is what you will need to setup everything to suit you. If you play live try to not use it with overdrives after it. If you record with it use it before the overdrives so you can control the amount of flanging going into the OD's. Live playing you should use a looper or a A/B or a A/B/C box and use 2 different effects loops not to mix the different types of effects. I am just use to running them in a chain and have spent enough time tweaking everything since all I have is time. These BF 2's sound great ao enjoy them and stop believing all this hyoe about MIJ vs MIT. It's in your guitar and hands anyway not in a Boss Taiwaneze pedal. Believe me if made in Taiwan was not up to par Boss would not have sold over 7 million pedals in a little over 25 years. MIJ stuff is over with, get over it and rock on! 9/10 because over all it is one of the best flangers for the value, it does cost a little more new than some of the other new models but for the money buy a Boss.

I am happy with both BF 2's I own, both setups sound better because the Boss BF 2 is in them. Thanks and I hope this helps you young beginners out there, for the players that don't need my opinion or don't agree it's like a ***hole, we all have one! Rock On and Peace to you all! missinmikey!

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