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Sound Quality

Good. I like the heavy sustain distortion especially with ultraverb - it is heavy metal killer sound. Other distortions doesn't seem to be so good. For clean guitar I like choruses and different kinds of delays. Little noisy, but nothing tragic. I use it mostly for home recording or home practice.


Hmm, there was a problem, but it disappeared about two years ago. The LCD display had generated unreadable characters, if I switched a pedal, thesse characters moved... Strange. It happened sometimes, immediatelly after switching on. It disappeared if I several times switched it on and off. I removed the cover and pushed integrated circuits deeper into sockets - the problem seems to be solved. Potential source of problems can be too hot power transformer.

General Comments

I bought it about year 1993. I have been playing the guitar for about 20 years, hard&heavy, blues etc. I use Ibanez EX and Cort guitars. I try play directly to a mixer and P.A. - quite cool. Thanks to virtual mixer on the end of chain of effects you can use it even as an general studio effect for home recordnig. Not an excellent sound, but for demo or experiments it is good. I like it - except wah-wah pedal I have not any other effect, RP-1 has everything you need.

It's a pitty there is not an integrated tuner.

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