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Sound Quality

My setup, Rocktron Gainiac to Intellifex (Black Face Original) to Roland SRV-330 to BBE 482i to Hush Super C to Randall M-80 (1u Stereo Rack Amp) and Furman RP-8 and MIDImate. No noise, if you have noise, check the electrical ground of the building or house. Always great, I use it (8 voice chorus) to replace the TC electronics Chorus. Intellifex is my best bet here. Effects are great in my opinion, I use dual stereo reverb units by default so I get and extra kick in reverbs. Artists I can sound like, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Al Dimeola, Pat Matheny, Dream Theater, Eddie and Megadeth (LOL!, yes I can, Panthera too, just don't piss me off!).


Superb, I tried to kill it but it doesn't die.

General Comments

I play fusion, a little bit of everything, my setup does it for me and some other players from different styles too. 20 years playing. I would buy another one if I had to. Rocktron Intellifex is for serious musicians, you might not need it to play three chords in every song. DID YOU SAY TONE? I am sorry to write this, but if you want a tone, you have to work on it, invest some money and shape it yourself. Not just amps and effects, but maybe guitars and pickups too, if you are good at practicing and playing, you will get your money back. If you want to be the king of Death Metal, kill chickens, Grindcore Super Bloody Carcass Overslayer, get a Harmony or Hondo guitar, a 10w Gorilla amplifier with an Arion distortion (everything at 10) and place a Kareokee mic in front of that, then send it into a Pyramid 1,000,000,000 watts rack amplifier (1 or 2 in volume is Ok) feeding a Radio Shack 89% price discounted pair of speakers. Rock'n Roll? Les Paul- Marshall. Blues? Fender all the way.

I might be wrong but, that's how I feel sometimes.

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