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Sound Quality

Set at the time of use - squire strat --> laney linebacker. To be honest when i bought it i didn't know any better. This box is noisey messey, rubbish for chords and rubbish for solos. I can only assume that people who like this box haven't heard anything else.


Out of sheer ignorance and lack of money this box lasted me over five years. Granted three out of those five years it was left in my gear bag and not used. When i did decide to give it another go it gave off a scratchy noise whenever to touched any of the buttons.

General Comments

Right, this was the first pedal i ever bought. I got it in 1989, i was 17, I didn't know any better. Since then i've gone through boss and snarling dogs and am currently using a jacques fuseblower 2. This is without doubt the worst distortion box i've ever heard. It is only by comparision that you can make that decision. All i can say is if you're thinking of buying this try out some others, no matter how cheap it is, it is not worth the money

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