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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Initially I tried it with an Ibanez RG-750 and the amp played like a rockin heavy metal dream amp! The Rectifier tone again :). Plus the lead channel with the delays on the solos is just fantastic and inspiring. Now, I have been using my American made Fat Strat with the amp and am VERY pleased. The warmth of the strat results in some very sweet clean tones. Am thinking of putting a compressor in front of the amp to get some extra spank. Have not played the clean channel really loud yet, therefore don't know if it will distort, however have played at the volume that is needed in a club when using a mic and the sound was fine. I have always played tube amps before this and had my eye on a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25. While I do love the clean spank that the Boogie has, I don't know if it is worth almost an extra $1000 to get that tone. For the $399 that the Cube-80X was, I can compromise.


Yes, I would depend on it, however I ALWAYS bring a backup amp to gigs. People that brag and say that they don't bring backups, are gambling on their luck. Eventually an amp will act up at a gig. However, while I have always played tube amps in the past, I like the fact that this amp is solid state. I don't think that I will have to worry about every little bump with this amp. Tube amps always have me worried when transporting.


General Comments

I have been playing guitar over 25 years. Have played professionally in many bands around Minneapolis, MN. If the amp were lost or stolen, I would collect my insurance check and buy another Cube-80X the next day.


I love the tone, weight, price and versatility.


It was this amp or the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25. The Boogie still was a little too heavy and quite expensive. If I come across a used Boogie Express at a better price, I'd get that and also use this amp too. It would depend on what type of gig I was playing I guess.


I love so much about this amp. If there was one thing that I wish it had, it would be a good tremolo sound. Otherwise the chorus, flange, delay and reverb are fine for local gigging. No need to carry extra effects with this amp. But an effects loop would have been nice :)


Thank you Roland!! I love the products that you make. For me, my love affair with your company started when I purchased the Roland GR-30. That piece of gear opened up music worlds, that I only could dream of!!

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