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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I can't understand people who knock this amp. For the money you just can't beat it right now! I've gotten nice blues,jazz and rock sounds just from every thing thats on board. I've played the line 6 xt and spider and all i can say is this is a way better deal. In a live band setting this thing holds it's own and then some. It can be bassy or alittle boomy at times (that has alot to do with room acoustics and where you are sitting in relationship to the amp) but when the drums and bass are grovin and the tapes rolling this amp will really prove it's self to you. Onboard fx's are more then what I expected. they really help colour the sound when needed for a song. I could have easily spent 4 times as much money on an amp a xt pro and some dedicated fx's and not been happy as I am now.


I wouldn't take it on a world tour but it's obviously not sold for that.

General Comments

I've been playing drums and guitar for 16 years. Yes I have owend some nice amps thru that period that beat this amp in one aspect or another, but for what this vox (korg) is I don't think you could do better. The first month I had it some doubt crawled into my brain and mucked around a bit. But honestly I felt the same way when I spent $1,100 on a decked out, mint twin reverb and that only had one good sound! For a all in one in this price range it's the best!

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