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Sound Quality

The best sound I have heard in a Wah. I have an original Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone, and a Thomas Organ Crybaby. This is better. I'm using it in the effects loop of my DigiTech 2112. The 2112 ouputs to a Marshall Valvestate 8008 and into two Ampeg 4X12's. The best Wah sound I have ever heard. Checked it out against the Vox 847, Crybaby Original, Steve Vai Bad Horsie and Morley Pro this pedal is far superior. Guitars are a Les Paul Classic Plus, PRS Custom and Artist III and a '75 Strat. Just got it yesterday(2/7/98) so have only used it with the Les Paul.


I'll give it a nine only beacause I know the pot may need replacement. But other than that, it's built like a tank.

General Comments

As I said earlier, the best I've heard. I have the new one with the six position switch. I agree with others that I wouldn't use the bass position but all of the others can be useful. GET THIS PEDAL! It's the only Wah you need. As I said earlier, I have two "Vintage" pedals. I bought both brand new and have kept them in mint shape. However, this thing is better. The Crying Tone has a four position selector but you can't change it with your equip. turned on because the switch isn't make before break so you get a very loud pop that can blow your speakers. The 535 cures this problem. It's got a great array of sounds vintage to modern. It can't be beat!

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