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Sound Quality

well... i got one of these about 2 years ago, and i loved it. i really strengthened my guitar playing skills tremendously. but the more i played through it, the less i liked it. a lot of people set their reviews up and give stuff bad reviews, but what they sometimes fail to realize is that it's not the product's fault always, but their guitar or amp. i was using a custom made ibanez rg and an ampeg svt with this, and i'd have to say that it wasn't my equipment. i really hated especially the distortions on this thing- they're pretty much disgusting, even after hours of tweaking. some of the effects were decent, but nothing too awesome. the wah's were horrid- i couldn't get a true wah sound out of them. and another thing i didn't like was when switching programs, there's a short delay in the changed program's response. that really annoyed me.


it held up really well the whole time i had it.

General Comments

like i said before, this was good for awhile. but the more i grew as a guitarist, the more i saw it's faults. it's definitely not good for live playing, as i gigged it twice. it had an overabundance of useless programs, but it did help get me used to modifying effects and stuff. i'd have to say that if you're un-used to processors, this would be a good place to start. don't go in for those under $300 because they're horrible (zoom, dod, digitech). if you can spend a lot of time modifying effects, get this and a couple of good distortion pedals (or your amp's distortion).

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