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Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality for a small package. It has a built in speaker which is good for practice. The sound out of the speaker isn't quite as good as my two 4X12's but it's good enough for my living room. Excellent with the headphones. The effects are all good. Not up to the level of my Digitech 2112 but that's not a fair comparison. The 7010 stacks up well with the 9002, plus it has a noise gate which the 9002 does not. I like all the effects and have got some very nice sounds out of this thing. I even put it's output into my Marshall Valvestate 8008 power amp. I was pleasently surprised that it could drive the amp quite hard. The sound really opened up in the power amp. I think that all of the effects are good and the editing is easy and straight forward. You can get a nice sound out of this thing. I'm using it with my PRS Custom and Artist IV.


I'm not in a band but do play out occasionally, (EVH if you read this, I'm available for rhythm guitar immediately) with friends. It doesn't appear to be indestructible but I think it'll hold up well.

General Comments

Overall, I think this is a neat little unit especially given the price I paid for it. It is the cheapest I have seem anywhere for it. Great value. The pop up speaker gives some more versatility, (great on the back deck of the house) than the 9002. Great enrty level processor but has enough to be used with a power amp. Would by it again at $179. Not sure if I would have at $239-$260 that I have seen it elswhere for.

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