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Sound Quality

Remember this is 10+ yrs old & it does color the sound a bit in bypass, but I love it. I wanted to get more effects than just the normal stuff my rp100 has (for the over-effected sound ala Belew/Torn/et al). It hasn't disappointed me at all. I used it at first just w/ my amp-I loved the clean sounds of the effects-reminded me of 80's pop stuff. I now use it i the following chain: digitech rp100--dsp256xl--dod d12--lexicon mpx100. The bypass works pretty well if I want less effects, but I mainly love the different presets. I think the chorus & flanging are better than on my rp100. The delays and tap delays are great also. Mostly short delays, but the tap ones give some nice variety. Also love the reverse (reverb)simulation and the soap opera preset. I just use it w/ my guitar (and some digital voice recorder stuff), but it also works great w/ the drum machine on my rp100. Helps stretch the 30 patterns into some more variations. Also the settings for drum/voice give some nice variation for my guitar (steinberger spirit & parker nitefly). Some of the drum presets work well for percussive or clean guitar sounds. Well, I could go on, but you get the picture. I can imagine if you're a stomp box fan, you'd probably hate this. And it doesn't work good w/ every combo. It's a bit noisy w/ my Zoom 9150 valve preamp--there is too much noise (gain) w/ that, so I keep it w/ my digital stuff.


seems reliable. it's from '91 and still going....going...going...

General Comments

Like I said, I love this thing. It's got basic effects (chorus / flange / reverb / delay / tap delay / eq / mixer thing), which I think still sound good by themself. But I bought it to get some over-effected sounds (use in conjuction w/ my rp100 & my Lexicon MPX100), & I think it shines doing that. If you don't like over-effected sounds, probably stay away, also I suspect it probably doesn't work the best w/ high gain tube preamps (like my zoom 9150). But if you're looking for some effects and see it cheap enough, go for it. I've seen them on Ebay at times from 50-75$, which I'd say is a good price. Over that, you'll probably be disappointed.

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