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Henry Davenport

Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

The pickups are pretty good seeing how they are cheaply made. I play a lot of Classic Rock/Blues and they fit real well. The bridge pickup could've been less harsh though and a little bit more treble in the middle pickup.


This guitar is tough as a rock. I've dropped it on the ground twice(on accident) and it never even made a crack in the finish. The strap buttons hold up real nice(to small for some straps, could have a bigger top to help hold better. This guitar is perfect as a main guitar, you just have to maintnence it to you own liking


General Comments

I do suggest that if you want to tour with it(all the time) you take it to a guitar shop and get a "tune up". New pickups would also help with the guitars overall sound(i put Hot Noiseless in mine)

Reviewer's Background

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