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Only Moses

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

My setup Guitar: Rally Neo sound (335 style) Pick ups: Twin Humbucker 3 way toggle Strings: D'Addario 11's Pick: Jim Dunlop Tortex Blue 1.0 My Style Ive got a one man band, playing alternative indie bluesy rock and thanks to my guitar set up and this amp ive got the exact sound that i want. which is an old skool fat bluesy type sound typial to that you would only usually expect from highly priced tube amps. Gain And Volume Thanks to being able to adjust the output power of the tube via a knob on the back of the amp you can either turn the volume right down and still get a full on tube overdrive (perfect for rehearsing) or get a lovely clean tone at very high volumes (ideal for gigs). Although peronally i like a tiny amount of tube distortion on the peaks of my clean sound. The variety of drive options is massive from perfectly clean tones to crazy heavy distortion, however i only use three drive settings, a clean tone on the boutique clean amp, a crunch on the AC30 and an overdrive on the AC30. these sounds are also varied a great deal between pickups. Noise There is a noise reduction option on the amp which is very effective, however i like a bit of old skool amp noise and like to highlight my mistakes, so i dont use it.


Ive only gigged it a few times and touch wood its worked fine, but i have a feeling that it wouldnt be to happy if any water got spilled into the vents on the top of the amp.

General Comments

Im really a drummer so i dont know much about the technicalities of guitar stuff, but i know what i like and i like this amp. I have guitarist friends who own very expensive tube amps and i prefer the sound, performance and ease of use of this.

I love the AC30 sound but i would still buy this amp instead, due to its versitility and ease of use and i would buy another without hesitation.

If the amp had 3 programable channels instead of 2 and the reverb was separate to the other effects the amp would be perfect.


In summary, if youre looking for that old skool tube amp sound without the tube amp price tag this amp is just the ticket.


To hear he amp in action visit my bands page: www.myspace.com/onlymoses

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