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Sound Quality

My current rig is powered by a Mesa Simul-class 2:90, with a Rocktron Pro-Gap v2.1 preamp(bought in 1990), the Intellifex v1.1 (also purchased in 1990) and a Mesa Rectifier cab with 2 Celestion Vintage 30s... I also use the Rocktron MIDI Mate controller... The unit is very quiet and crisp, with excellent reverbs and solid effects (not too overdone -- subtlety is easily accomplished)... The HUSH obviously helps the noise, but isn't really necessary... At the time, I had the choice to grab a Digitech, and ART or a used Yamaha REV unit... The Intellifex blew the ART and the Digitech out of the water, and matched the Yamaha REV pound for pound on the reverbs... My only complaint is with the pitch-shifting capabilities... because of the 64x oversampling and limited processor speed (hell, it IS 10 years old technology...) you can't successfully use an alternate tuning without experiencing some kind of delay warble (i.e. tuning your guitar to C by eliminating the incomming signal and maxing the effect level) -- other than that, I have never felt the need to get another processor after all these years... hmmm... I guess I also have to note that because of memory limitations, the presets that use a single effect have a much wider range of control than presets with multiple effects (fewer options in decay, regeneration, delay time, etc...)


Road warrior gear -- I've abused this thing to no end, and haven't ever had a problem... Again, this is the first release of this unit, and I've been using it since 1990... I love the 7 pin phantom power for my MIDI Mate...

General Comments

I've used this unit for everything from top 40 rock to extreme metal... It worked wonders when I did the Pink Floyd tribute thing for a few years... If it were stolen, I'd probably grab another, especially since the price has dropped so much over the years, and there has bound to have been quite a few modifications to the design... Again, excellent quality effects without cheesing out with over-processing (like other inexpensive units like Digitech)-- great for subtle effects, but versitile enough to juice it up! I also love the HUSH... Down side is the limited processor speed and memory for convincing pitch-shifting and wide parameters for presets with multiple effects...

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