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Sound Quality

I use it mostly for bass. this pedal is very noisy with the distortion turned up past 6:00, moderately noisy otherwise. the distortion can't be turned all the way off; the cleanest sound is a very solid-state sounding light overdrive. the sustain is very impressive and, at higher gain and distortion settings, the unit provides sick amounts of feedback, even at relatively low amp settings the distortion is very powerful and sustained and, if the gain knob is kept at 6:00 or above, with the bass tone control all the way up, the fatness of the bass is preserved --otherwise the bass becomes something of a lead instrument. I bought this pedal to replace my Boss ODB-3 "bass overdrive" after its output jack started to fail. this is a much better pedal for bass than the other, "bass-specific" pedal. the odb-3 has an inherent flaw in its design logic: the clean/overdrive knob which sneakily removes the fatness of the original tone as you turn it toward "overdrive", creating an either/or situation between tone and crunch. the simpler, more direct tone controls on the hm-3 are much more like tone controls on an amp, rather than superficial colorations --cf. odb-3. for guitar: i use this pedal at home with a small tube-amp. it's very much like a rat2 with more --almost too much-- sustain. i prefer the rat's warmer fuzz sound and low-crunch overdrive. the hm-3 works very well with other types of effects, especially when placed last in the loop before the amp. this is a good pedal for guitar, and at least as good for bass. i am still looking for something with a little more versatility for the latter application.


so far. two gigs and a bunch of rehearsals

General Comments

this is a cool pedal. it's not quite my personal excalibur of bass oberdrives, however. it will make a decent back-up pedal when the right one is finally found.

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