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Sound Quality

I have played a Tele through the rp-1 direct in the studio and on stage and I have run it through a Peavey amp. The overdrive and distorion sounds are ok. The clean sounds are tinny. I found it very difficult to set levels between clean and distortion on the same patch.


I bought it used and used it onstage for about a year or so. At first it would get hot and the LED's would go crazy, but it would still sound ok, then the sound started going crazy. I don't know how abused it was before I bought it, but this particular unit has not been dependable.

General Comments

I have been playing country and some rock for 20 years. I did away with the processor thing and went back to pedals. I don't need to have 140 different sounds for a gig. Once I tweak in a couple of good cleans and a couple of different dirties, I will stick with them through the gig. It was a fun toy when I first got it.

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