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Sound Quality

pretty good for bass when the bass tone control is all the way up. a very saturated, sustained rip. ok, but for guitar this pedal is totally unacceptable. it produces a sustained saturated compressed distortion with next to no boost in gain. the distortion is overly uniform and boxy, and doesn't cut into the mix at all. this pedal is a toy, useful only on small practice amps when you are playing alone. its about as warm as a 20 year-old peavey distortion going through a half-cocked crybaby. in short, it sucks for guitar. don't buy it unless it's for bass --even then, stick with something that has a tube in it.


Bass: reliable as a decent, lightweight but indestructible backup overdrive Guitar: it can be relied upon to sound like shit

General Comments

as a back-up bass pedal: 7

as a guitar distortion: 0

see my earlier review of this pedal for more about how it works w. bass

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