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Sound Quality

Superb. I really, really rate this pedal very highly. I play a Gibson SG (with a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge) through the HM-3, Boss CE-5 chorus & DD-5 delay into a 70s H/H 100 watt solid state combo (which has a pair of Fane classic 100 watt speakers in it). Quite why the pedal is (mis)named Hyper Metal is beyond me. I love it & I don't play metal (well, maybe a few Sabbath riffs now & then). I've been playing for about seventeen years, my true love is punk rock & the HM-3 seems made for this. Setting the low at 100%, the high at 1 o'clock & the distortion at 11 o'clock I can get a really nice, chunky rhythm sound. The pedal is exceptionally noiseless for a distortion unit (which is why I returned the Boss Metal Zone to the shop & got the HM-3 instead) & your guitar's botom end doesn't vanish like with some pedal. The distortion is very smooth to my ears, which is probably why I like it. It has quite an unusual, deep quality which I think is great, especially with chorus.


I've had the HM-3 for six years now, no problems at all with it.

General Comments

Great stuff, at least for me. But then, I'm not a shredding tone fiend like most of the reviewers appear to be: just plug in & play loud, baby! I sometimes get the impression that people only buy the Metal Zone pedals because they think everyone else does. Give the HM-3 a try, you might like it. If it & I were to part company I'd certainly get another, hopefully cheap on eBay! Lovely sound.

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