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Sound Quality

A 50 Series B.C.rich Warlock through the 3030, and into a park G10. Sounds Okay. Had it a couple of years now, and the pot's a tad noisy. No ammount of WD40 has shut it up. I'm going to have to strip it and re-solder it. Ah, well. (It is old, though).


It's pretty rugged. Fuck knows what kind of plastic mr. Zoom uses to make his stuff with, but it's like steel. Nice one. Expect to overhaul it after a couple of years, though. (It WILL last that long).

General Comments

I like it.

+ It's strong

+ Light

+ bounces when you drop it.

+ Compatible with most ZOOM products.


- Comes with a stereo lead. Useless without. I lost mine and couldn't find anything in the manual about "This NEEDS a stereo lead to be anything but a volume pedal".

- Noisy pot,

- Fiddly knob. (You'll go blind).

- No mention on packaging this is NOT a standalone. A bit misleading, as for 150 quid, you may as well get a Marley waah waah, if that's what you think you're buying.

- overpriced.


If you already have a zoom MFX, I'd reccommend the FP01.

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