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Sound Quality

First I hated the sound, but after tweaking the pots i could get the good wah sound. I plugged my Squier into this wah then into DS1 and holly crap!!!! I could get EXACTLY the sound of early Joe Satriani!!! But the best thing happened when i tried to play with this wah in my band - it sounded perfect!!! once i decided to sell this wah and get Crybaby Classic but after comparing these two i took Crybaby back and i think i will never get another wah!!! it blew Dunlop wah away!!! it sounds very very very modern and thats what i like in it!!! it is easily switched on and off and does not have that awful on/off sound like Crybaby has.


it is built like brick!!! no pots to ware

General Comments

If you are into modern music and like to experiment with sound this is the pedal to get!!!

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