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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a Fender Mexican strat and a Gibson les paul studio. This thing sounds awesome! Let me just say this. I bought a 60w 1x12 line6 flextone plus combo, with the extra 1x12 extension cab when they first came out. I have always been disappointed with the sound from it. So I never really played the line6 it just sat there. That was about $800-900 wasted. I was looking to buy a Mesa Boogie 1x12 tremoverb combo and had written off the whole digital tubetone possibilities. Then I heard that korg had bought vox and had put their modeling technology into this amp. I already owned a Korg PX4 guitar processor and was highly impressed with their modeling sounds so I decided to look into it. Man I am glad that I did. Finally someone got this amp modeling right! They use a real tube in this amp to achieve this effect. This amp has a warm tube sound that my line 6 never had and every amp model on here is highly usable to me. The cleans and the distortions blow my line6 away. This amp can make any sound that you need. From clean and reggae funky, to rectified metal it is all there. I was more interested with the amp models than the effects, but the effects all sound great too. Of course you have to adjust your guitar for the type of sound that you want. You will get a thin sound from any amp if you only play the bridge pickup with the tone controls set to 10 and the treble on the amp turned all the way up. I can take my strat, crank up the Uk Modern setting, turn on the autowah effect, and go from Hendrix voodo chile intro with the neck pick up to the verse with no wah and the bridge pickup and it sounds great.


I have never owned a vox before but it seems pretty sturdy and well made to me. Why does Vox only give a 90 day warranty on most of the parts?

General Comments

I have been playing for over 20 years. I would definitely buy this amp again. I had given up on the amp modeling technology after my line6, but Korg and Vox have restored my faith! This amp sounds awesome, is highly versatile, has a real tube in it, and is way affordable. I got mine cheaper than the catalogs, at a local music store. A few hundred dollars for this thing are you kidding? I just found the deal of the century! If you are planning on touring the country and rocking out stadiums then you should obviously get something else. But for what this amp sets out to do it nails it perfectly in my opinion.

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