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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I used this with a wide variety of amps, and the only thing I can say is that it is friggin' screechy. If you want to violate someone's eardrums, then by all means use this pedal, but even if you're looking for that really crunchy metal sound, there are plenty of other pedals that can be less, or even more, screechy if you want them to be. Pedals that have a MUCH better quality of sound. It just sounds flat and airy, even with the bass turned up.


Haven't had any problems. The design that Boss uses is pretty sturdy.

General Comments

I play any sort of music. Really. Anything. If you're looking for a good and tight black metal sound, get it somewhere else, because you will regret buying this pedal after about a month's use.

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