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Sound Quality

Here is the deciding factor of any effect you buy. And this is TOTAL CRAP!! I can't believe Tom Scholz would show his face in public knowing his signature is on this thing. He should sue Dunlop for every lousy penny they ever made off the Rockman name! My friend had a real Rockman back in the day, and I remember it was pretty decent! WHAT HAPPENED? And whats up with the name "Metal Ace"? Whos idea of metal, anyway? This pile is about as close to metal as the El Cheapo Casio keyboard I got for Christmas when I was 12! (About 19 years ago). Yes THAT Casio keyboard! Everything mentioned before about the over-compressed pumping-little-b**ch crap distortion, topped off with a heaping dose of worthless clean sound is true. No bass, a little mids and treble, treble, and more treble. Oh yeah, there's some treble in there, too. I think the cheap-assed headphones that it came with are worth more than the "Metal Ace" itself. I didn't even think to come here to H-C to check out the reviews before I ordered it. My bad. And THAT won't happen again. Boooooo......


Ooooh would I like to find out! Can I break it? What would it take to wreck it? Hmmmm oh the mind just SPINS thinking of things I would love to do to this....however there is a return policy to think about. Wouldn't Musician's Friend be amused if I sent it back crushed to powder? Or as a puddle of molten goo? Nahhh, but I'm willing to bet that nearly every one they sold got sent back to them real quick. Not their fault in the least though. Let the records show that I am letting the blame rest where its deserved: Dunlop.

General Comments

All right, I'm going to apologize for bashing this unit this badly in a public forum. This is the first review I have ever submitted about something I didn't like. But hey, that is what H-C (God bless 'em) is here for. And I should have known better than to plunk down bucks for something like this without trying it out first, or AT LEAST checking here first! I thought it would be a good idea to have a practice/headphone amp. But the equipment you use should inspire you to practice and play! The only inspiration I got from this was to smash it against the neighbors house across the street from my front porch! Honestly, it was five whole minutes from when I plugged in to the time I started packing it back up to return the damn thing.

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