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Sound Quality

Jackson guitars, EMG 81 pickups, Audio-Technica wireless, ADA MP-1 preamp, BBE 482, Rocktron Hush Super C, Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp, 2 Marshall 1960 4x12 cabs left and right, blah blah blah. I bought this just for the heck of it, price was WAY too good to pass by and not try it out. The sound quality was better than I expected! I've stayed away from effects for the last 17 years because they always shitified the sound somehow or another IMO. But this is impressing me quite nicely! The factory presets seem to be a trophy case for wonderful sounding choruses and reverbs. On the other hand, most of them just aren't practical for regular use. Imagine gig volumes with THAT much reverb coming out the speakers! Not the hot ticket for the metal I usually play. But, after some careful tweaking here and there, its actually found a good place within my rig. And its quiet enough when its supposed to be too, even though I don't use the built in noise gate. Got a Hush Super C for that. I also like the fact that it gives me a good stereo sound instead of left/right mono, which I could only get out of my preamp if the chorus function was on. I like the Ducker delay the best, chorus/flange is sweet, too, and the reverbs are really impressive, even though I don't use much reverb. I like the in-your-face sound as opposed to sounding like your far away.


Had it for about a month now, no worries yet. Backup? Yes backup equipment is essential, but I've never had to use ANY of it. Yet. So my backups consist only of more guitars, (in case a string breaks which never happened yet as I have fresh, properly stretched strings for every gig), more strings, picks, and an instrument cable in case the wireless unit decides to go postal (which it hasn't yet) I think this should be dependable enough. If it proves me wrong, I can bypass it right out of the chain completely with minimum downtime.

General Comments

I pretty much laid out my opinions already. I've seen the previous posts about the prices that were paid for this unit both new and used, and I bet its safe to say I definitly am getting my moneys worth in spades. I've never tried out other manufacturers rack effects, but I sure would if they could be had for this cheap! I would be replacing this unit with another one if the unthinkable happened to it, however I'm certain I would have to pay a lot more for it than what I did pay for it. BTW I found this Intellifex in the used gear section at the local music store hiding under a P.O.S Rane EQ (which I also bought, but I returned that pile the very next day) There is nothing wrong with my Intellifex! No battle scars or any damage that I could see, and it does everything its supposed to! Why so cheap? Don't know, and I'm not gonna bitch one bit. In fact, I'm still pretty smug about it, being the cheap little slut that I am! A TEN!

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