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Sound Quality

The stock MP-1 is pretty sweet by itself, but this thing flat-out ROARS with the MOD3.666 ! There is waaayy more gain than you'll probably ever need, but I like that since I'd rather not have to max out every parameter to get my sound....plenty of reserve here folks. Of course, with the more gain you use, the more noise you'll have. There's no way around that with an all-analog signal path. Invest in a good gate and learn how to use one correctly! There is a real reason for the name "MOD3.666" If you should sprinkle some Holy Water on the top of this MP-1, I bet it would projectile-vomit green pea soup back at you! Evil Inside. Also, this mod is still pretty versatile. Just because it is considered a "Rectifier" type mod, doesn't mean that it only sounds good with a severely scooped EQ setting. I still can get am ass-kicking Marshall-like sound out if as well as the Fenders and Roland Jazz Chorus amps, and most everything else I want! I don't really scoop too much mids anymore like I used to with the stocker....about -4 on the Mids is pretty satisfying in the scoopage department. And I actually use a lot more different presets now with this mod than I ever did before! Tube Clean can get you all kinds of nasty overdrive sounds! Think AC/DC, Accept, Motorhead, etc. In fact, when you push the OD levels up to 10 on Tube Clean, it sounds just as heavy as the stock MP-1 did on Tube Distortion! HOLY CRAP! Now you can think of the Tube Distortion voicing on the MOD3.666 MP-1 as the nitro-burning, supercharged, fuel-injected, 5000+ horsepower Hemi don't-lift-off-the-throttle-until-after-you-pull-the-drag-chute version of the the MP-1. I use this with a BBE 482, Rocktron Hush Super C, Rocktron Intellifex, Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp into 2 Marshall 1960 4x12 cabs. I now also use an ADA Microcab exclusively for recording. Mics? Mics? We don' need no steenkin' mics!


Well, I have had a few MP-1s of my own, fixed/repaired/modified lots of other people's MP-1s too, and I haven't run into one that could not be saved. They really never have let me down at all. Having a backup is nice, but after carrying around a 6 space rack with 2 preamps, I just decided to go with just one in my rack. The 2nd one went "under the knife" and was reborn as the MPH-1. What's an MPH-1? Go find out at www.adadepot.com !

General Comments

I honestly believe I'll keep this until I die. All the available mods for the MP-1 are pretty damn good sounds, and I may use more of them, but the MOD3.666 is a keeper. I have a few other mods in this as well, but they are for reliability and conveniences' sake, not for changing the tone signature.

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