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Sound Quality

The reason for the Microcab is to do away with all the nit-picky mic'ing techniques. A person could spend hours and hours in a studio putzing around with mic placements. With this thing, you plug in, pick a cab, and go. Even for live sound, this thing takes all the guesswork out of placement of the mics for your speaker cabs. Now you can run direct to the board and still get that profesionally-mic'ed sound out of your PA. Sweet! This doesn't make any of it's own noise that I can hear.


Hell yeah I can and do depend on it! It stands up to normal useage fine. Of course, you don't want to drop the thing or smack your soundguy over the head with it...it IS an electronic device after all. Well, ok......if your soundguy absolutely insists on mic'ing your cabs when you already have one of these Microcabs, then you probably should smack him over the head with it! And if it does break, just get another one. They're inexpensive to replace. Then replace the soundguy as well....with a chimp.

General Comments

Currently, I'm using one exclusively in my home studio. I will never use a mic again, except for vocals. I will be looking for a few more of these to use in live situations, so the one I have now can stay in my studio rack. This takes all the wasted time and science (guesswork?) out of setting up a proper mic'ing technique. I can't say enough about that fact! Although I admit I spent many hours just playing around with this when I first got it, because it sounded so awesome! Metal, rock, funk, country, surf, whatever....If you record an amplified stringed instrument, this is your Saviour. If you play live and normally mic your cabs to run through the PA, this will keep those drunks from wrecking your expensive mics when they stumble on the stage and start making a ruckus, as well as giving you the sound you really need through the PA without setting up any mics for the cabs. $50-100 on Ebay, and worth its weight in gold. Unfortunatly, there are many of these on Ebay without the correct power adaptor. They'll tell you they "lost it somewhere, but you'll be able to find one no problem..." Haha, funny people. Well, it takes a special AC voltage, not a common easy to find DC voltage at all! Don't think you'll just skip on down to Radio Shack or Wal-Mart for one of these power adaptors. They'll look at you like you have leprosy. Can't find the right one?


ADAdepot has them. :p

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