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Sound Quality

N/A hey its a Midi pedal switcher, not an effects processor....


I've had this for about 2 years now, figured I should finally submit a review for it. It has NEVER, NOT EVEN ONCE let me down! Never even had a glitch. Its had some beer spilled on it a few times, (but not mass quantities of it), and still works flawlessly. I'd have to give this category a 10 based on my own personal experience with it.

General Comments

If this was stolen or broken, I'd definitly get another one! A real bonus is that the MidiBuddy fits inside my rack case for transport! I also have an ADA MC-1 Midi controller, and that one is physically too long to fit anywhere in the case, forcing the user to carry it seperately. The MidiBuddy buttons are easy to see, easy to access, and the display is very easy to see as well. Definitly a good buy for someone who wants to keep it simple and effective.

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