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Sound Quality

Brutally loud! Can't bridge this amp, but who the heck would even WANT to for crissake. No tubes in this, all solid state BiPolar design. Not very noisy at all. When I first got this, I tried it in place of my Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp with the rest of my rack. I wasn't impressed at all, really. But then I tried it with just an ADA MP-1 preamp (in the head I built), with no effects units or anything, and then this sucker seemed to come ALIVE! Wow, this "bare bones" approach worked out way better. The sound is pretty crisp and tight too.


There's not a lot to this unit. Very minimal circuitry inside, and seems to be durable. If something does go wrong inside, it'd be a snap to get it back on track. Man, you should've SEEN the flash when I discharged the caps inside! It looked like a nuclear strike! My eyes wasn't the same for a day or so after that. So yeah, I think this thing has some pretty good reliability. Obviously, you shouldn't throw it down the stairs or run it over with a truck. And as long as you make sure your speaker impedances are matched, this thing should take whatever you can sonically dish out.

General Comments

In a contest between the Rocktron Velocity 300 and the ADA B200s, the Velocity is going to kick the crap out of the B200s every time. But the B200s does what it is intended to do (nothing more, nothing less) and does it without question. No whimpering or whining comes from it when I want to piss off the neighbors with the sheer volume that it can deliver. If I don't want to lug around the whole rack system I have with the 2 Marshall 4x12 cabs, then I just bring the head and one cab, and that's more than enough to get the job done!


Is it crazy to build my own amp head in this fashion? Well, ADA didn't make one but probably should've, and I got one and you don't! lol If you want to do this too, its both easier and harder than it sounds to do. But if you have a B200s to use, and a great preamp to go with it (like the MP-1) it WILL be brutal! 'Nuff said, I have neighbors to piss off......and time's a-wastin'.

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