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Sound Quality

I really like the way it sounds. It's pretty clear at low to medium volumes. But when you push it hard, then the thing GROWLS at you! Wow, do I like that. I use it with the ADA MP-1 preamp with 3TM mod, a Rocktron Intellifex processor, and a Rocktron Hush Super C going into the standard-issue Marshall 1960A cab. I love the tube response it has, especially when I'm pushing the bejeezus out of it. I use Jackson guitars with EMG-81 pups. Actually, it's too loud for me to really push it like I really want. I could use a half-power option here. I'm thinking a 60 watt version would actually suit me a bit better, for the metal I play. Then I could push it harder and actually back off my preamp distortion setting a bit. I mess around with some classic rock dittys too, and it seems happiest when I can push it hard and get that GROWL. But like I said, it's a bit overpowered for me to push it and be practical at the same time.


So far so good! Had it about a year now, changed the tubes once. It seems built well enough for a tube poweramp, and I've been gigging with it since the day I got it. No letdowns yet.

General Comments

I love this, and would recommend it. It's too overpowered for most gigs though. If you want to push the poweramp real hard to get that GROWL sound, you'll end up overpowering everyone else in the band. You'll need a Powerbrake or Powersoak or something of that order. A 60 watt version would be more than adequate for club gigs. This one is built for the BIG stages.

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