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.....ok now to address that big flaw I was talking about in my previous post. That godawful sloppy whammy bar. If you have the same beef about it, I'll tell ya what ya gotta do! Go to www.stewmac.com Order part #1269 for chrome, #1269-B for black and #1269-G if you want a fancy-schmancy gold one. These are part numbers for a new bar assembly, the kind with the screw on locking collar like the original Floyds should have. When you get it, unscrew the little collar on your original JT-500 Floyd that your old bar screws into. Throw the old bar and the old collar away, or sell it to some schmuck on ebay for 10 bucks. Your new bar and collar will fit right into that hole and work excellent! No more sloppiness and no more twirling the bar around to fasten/unfasten it! For about $10-$13 you will have an upgrade that will make you happy!(and if you sell your old piece for $10 on ebay, guess what...you got the upgrade for damn near free! What could be better than that?) Don't spend the $75- $150 for a whole new trem just to fix the sloppy bar problem when this way is so much cheaper and damn its a good idea! Who's your buddy?!

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