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Rocktron Hush Super C Guitar Noise Reducer

Sound Quality

I use high gain settings 90% of the time with EMG pickups. This unit keeps things under control pretty good without messing up your sound IF you set it right and use it the way it was meant to be used. I have this unit switched out at lower volumes and in for live use...I'll explain below.


Seems to be fine, everything I have by Rocktron is totally 100% reliable.

General Comments

The key to getting the most out of this product is to use it when you really have your rig cranked. It will disappoint you if you're trying to use the gate at low volume levels, as it will cut out your sustain. But the gate isn't really needed at those low volumes! This is for the most part, gear intended for the "pros". Before I got this, I had to have a "dead" patch on my pedalboard to kill the noise between songs. Few things are as annoying as having your rig shrieking at you from across the stage when the singer is trying to announce the next song! This is where this unit shines. Live playing at insane volume levels. My sustain is not affected one bit! Obviously the gate CAN be set so that it will affect it, but set it right for this situation and all is well. If you are standing too close to the speaker cabs, then you would end up setting the gate TOO tight. So set it to work for you when you are far enough away from the cabs to make the difference. This is why I feel that this unit isn't really needed unless you have a big stage and playing really loud. This unit absolutely does what it says it does, but I feel that it is very often misused by players who mean well, but just don't honestly need it for their lower volume situations.

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