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Sound Quality

Everything you've read is true. It will do wonders for your rig, but it can be overdone too. It makes no noise on its own. My rig starts with an ADA MP-1, BBE unit, Rocktron Hush Super C, Rocktron Intellifex, Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp, and 2 Marshall 1960 cabs.I'm giving this a 9 because the process can be overdone if not set right. Basically just keep the knobs at the 12:00 or lower position and its all good. They should have named it the Sonic Orgasmatron because every time I finish playing, my knees are wobbly and I need to smoke several cigarettes....


Seems like it should last quite a long time, but if it ever did crap out on me at a show I'd be devestated. If you're totally anal about having backup everything, then buy two of these at the same time. One BBE unit should cost twice as much as it does to begin with, so why not just get two?

General Comments

If you like muddy sounding tones, don't buy this. If you want something crisp and clear, this is it. Your pants will NEVER dry out. Also if you are honestly happy with your guitar rig, then don't even try a BBE. Because once you do, there's no turning back, and you will no longer be happy with your sound without the BBE. Some have said you can't polish a turd. Well, my philosophy is, that if you do have a turd, wouldn't you rather have that turd nice, solid and crispy when you throw it at their heads, or are you satisfied with trying to pick up a sloppy gooey one that just slips out of your hands when you go to throw it? I thought so......

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