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Sound Quality

Suits me just fine. The amp does a great job of actually interacting with the speaker loads like tubes would. The reactance knob takes it from solid-state sound right through the tube sound of say, a Marshall all the way up to a MesaBoogie tube sound. And it gets even more noticable at higher volumes, just like real tubes. I'm using an ADA MP-1 preamp, BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer, Rocktron Hush Super C, Rocktron Intellifex, Marshall 1960 cabs, Jackson guitars with EMG pickups. (got metal?) Like I said, it fits in great with my equipment and my style. Sorry, I may piss off all the purists, but I'd take my setup and go toe to toe with ANY tube amp with about the same wattage out there. Yes, it would be an indecisive contest a maxxed out volumes, but Velocity would stomp all over the tube amp at the lower volumes! Why you ask? Because tube amps do NOT sound any better than solid state amps at lower volumes. The very purpose of having tube amps is to have them cranked high enough for the tubes to saturate and affect the tone! Buying a 100 watt tube amp is too expensive and useless for people who don't use them on a big stage or turn them up past 5. Don't get me wrong, I love tube amps because they ARE glorious and very well should be. But the maintenance required of them along with the high purchase price isn't justified for bedroom practice or even small club gigs. A power amp like this will take care of all your needs: low or insane volumes and sound great doing it day after day, night after night too without busting your bank account.


I've had this amp for over a year now, and I run it hard. Nothing has ever gone wrong in any way whatsoever. I have to admit that I bought it used, and the volume pots were "scratchy". But after opening this up and cleaning them with common tuner spray, they didn't pose any more issues. Speaking of, when I opened the lid on this amp, I was quite surprised to see how heavy-duty everything was in there! No chintzy thin gauge wires-barely-hanging-on were seen anywhere. Everything under the lid looked like it could completely shut down a small country with one well placed power chord! Rocktron=Reliability!

General Comments

I've been playing since 1986. Been through so much equipment over the years, I could probably sit here all day writing about it all. Tubes, transistors, mosfet, digital, solid-state, good stuff, great stuff, crappy stuff, trendy stuff, obscure stuff, I'm sure I tried it one time or another. Gearheads are like that. But thankfully I've finally found a rig I am happy with. Besides, I'd rather play out than to sit at a computer all day long getting a "secretary's butt" Now, my advice to anyone looking to buy a power amp for their guitar rig: Be realistic about your goals and what you can afford. Be realistic about the wattage you'll need, especially if you are hellbent on having a tube amp. If you want a solid-state amp, look for one that is designed exclusively for guitarists,(such as this particular Velocity amp) and leave the P.A. amps for the P.A.s. They won't satisfy any guitarist worth his/her chops.

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