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Sound Quality

I play Jackson guitars with EMG-81 pickups. Playing on the clean channel is tricky, as it breaks up a little too easily. I usually use the solid-state clean because the tube clean doesn't want to stay clean enough. Needless to say, I have more than enough distortion! Awesome! I run this preamp into a Marshall VS100H head and Marshall 1960A 4x12 for practice/small gigs, and into a Rocktron Velocity 300 with 2 Marshall 4x12s for the bigger gigs. The MP-1 sounds great through both these setups. Definitly needs an EQ with more bands and adjustability when going into a power amp. But if going into a regular amp head, the EQ on the head takes care of it fine.


Never had a single problem with it yet, and don't expect to. I bought this used about 1 year ago, and have always used it since. Hell, I haven't even changed the tubes in it, and have no idea if they have ever been changed or when.

General Comments

If I had to replace this unit, I would absolutely get another one. Been playing since '86 and I wish I had this back then! Like I said, its not perfect, but it was cutting edge technology when it first came out, and can be had for way cheap. In my opinion, it is WAY more versatile than a Triaxis, and WAY more affordable. The only big bitch I have is that the volume surges when switching between clean and distortion patches, especially if using tube clean. Thats why I'm using the solid-state cleans, as it doesn't surge so much then. You nu-metal people will probably not even look twice at an MP-1, because you think that MesaBoogie is all the {censored}, all because Korn and Biskit and the countless imitators use Mesa. If your lame McDonalds job will buy you the Triaxis before it goes out of style, more power to ya. The MP-1 is definitly the better deal, and you can play NOW, and upgrade later (if you really must stay with the mindless flock and have the Triaxis) rather than sit there not playing anything at all, waiting for Head and Munky themselves to place a Mesa right in your grubby hands for $120, while showing off your new piercings.

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